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Terms & Conditions

General Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing Crossover Tourism L L C ! as your travel partner,which hereinafter will be referred to as CRT. At CRT,we have taken all possible efforts to make this website functional, comprehensible,and extremely secure. But, prior to making a definite tour reservation with CRT , we advise you to read carefully and understand clearly the followingterms and conditions that are applicable to both travel agents and travelers whomake direct booking with CRT. Please note that when we refer to CRT, this automatically covers its owners, agents, affiliates,employees, and subsidiary companies.

1. Tour & Booking Information

CRT's website provides information on different types ofHotels, Tour Packages, Cruises, and Transportation, aside from flight dates, timingand schedules. As a professional DMC (Destination Management Company), we endeavor to offer ourclients with both all-inclusive and individual services in accordance to clients'unique travel needs.
It is vital to note that we undertake no responsibility for details provided tous by independent suppliers or third parties, especially, hotels, airlines, andother carriers. Al though, we have taken a rational approach to ensure the exactnessof such information, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and authenticity, and hencerecommend you to verify all details on or related to our website with the respectivethird party service provider or supplier itself.
CRT only acts as an agent or mediator for services and packagesthat are not directly provided by us, such as accommodations and air carriers. Infact, when you decide to make a reservation of such services through our website,you will get into a separate agreement with the respective provider of that productor services. To know more about their booking terms and conditions, you can separatelycheck each and every individual booking policy while making a new booking.
CRT should not be held liable for payment in such circumstancewhen a particular third party service provider is not able to offer the servicepackage that you have signed up for. Apparently, in no event, should CRT be legallyresponsible for any error, breaches, misrepresentation, omission, negligence, cancellationor delay from the part of independent contractors. If such a situation occurs, theremedy to recover your payment dwells against that third party supplier or contractorand not against CRT.
All customers who wish to make reservation with CRT should be noless than 18 years of age. Moreover, in order to confirm the tour reservation, theuser is entailed to furnish accurate and complete details as per CRT'snorms. It is up to the sole discretion of CRT to take any step including the cancellationof a reservation without any prior indication to the customer, particularly if itis revealed to CRT that the inquiry made by he or she was unauthorizedor has provided wrong information or distorted the facts.
The information on hotels, tour packages, pricing, flight, and other details listedon the website are subject to alterations or amendments without any prior notice.We, therefore, request our clients and other interested parties to visit our websitefrom time to time and review our terms and conditions' most up-to-date version.You should not avail of our products and services, if you do not agree to abideby the terms and conditions outlined by the CRT.

2. Travel Documents

Prior to traveling, you must make sure that you've obtained all documentsnecessitated by the authorities concerned to gain entry to the destination you planto visit. For a hassle-free trip, you're further required to carry your passport,as it's perhaps the only universally approved ID proof.

3. Use of Intellectual Property

All text, information, images and content contained in this website are sole proprietary to CRT and protected by copyright laws.
https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/, therefore, holds the complete authority to stop the access to all or any part of the website at any time, without any intimation, to resolve technicalissues or for any other purposes.
The users or visitors may view the information provided on the website. Nevertheless, it is strictly prohibited to use the content or other materials displayed on the website for any such act as copying, publishing, altering, re-posting or selling. Moreover, any illegal use of logo, trademark or company name may subject the user to penalties.
CRT is not liable for the information or materials of any other web pages linked to https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/. In fact, clicking the links of other web pagesshould be done at your own risk.

4. Indemnify

By making a reservation with CRT, the user agrees to indemnifyCRT in opposition to any damage, expense or losses as a resultof:
Encroachment of CRT's terms and conditions
Fraudulent act by the user or his representatives or employees
Action, claim or proceeding by a third party in opposition to CRT due to the breaches or misrepresentations from the user's side

5. Liability Disclaimer

CRT, its contractors, partners or suppliers do not represent that the materials provided on this website is perfect, comprehensive, or up to date.While it is true that we make constant effort to ensure the accurateness of its content, the website may contain certain imprecision and errors. We disclaim all warranties pertaining to the information, software, and service packages listed on this website. This covers every implied and express contract of non-encroachment and merchantability.
CRT do not guarantee that the products or service packages made available through this website is free of any mistake or virus and would fulfill your needs. Nevertheless, by employing latest technological innovations, we striveto assure you of a safe and unperturbed booking experience with CRT.
To the maximum extent permissible under the applicable law, CRT or any of its employees, agents, or managers will not be liable for any kind of damages or loss as part of the use or availing of any product or services providedthrough this website. This is applicable to damages of all nature, such as express, implied, compensatory, property damage, and third party claims.


"Crossover Tourism LLC" maintains the https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/ Website ("Site").

"United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile" and stipulate that the governing law is the local law. All disputes arising in connection therewith shall be heard only by a court of competent jurisdiction in U.A.E.

"Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards in AED will be accepted for payment"

"We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and sanctioned countries in accordance with the law of UAE"


"All credit/debit cards' details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties"

"https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/ will not pass any debit/credit card details to third parties"

" https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/ takes appropriate steps to ensure data privacy and security including through various hardware and software methodologies. However, (https://b2b.crossovertourism.com/) cannot guarantee the security of any information that is disclosed online"

"The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore, the Customers' are encouraged to frequently visit these sections to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted".


"Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment."

"The multiple booking / orders / shipments may result in multiple postings to the cardholder's monthly statement."

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